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I learned about heartache at the Tiki Inn Motel...

And if that wouldn't make a great country song, I don't know what would. 

My first full-time job was desk clerk at the Tiki Inn Motel in Palo Alto. It was everything you imagine it was, complete with a huge Tiki out front and hot and cold running tikis in every room.  It had probably been very cool in the 1950's, but by the time I got there in the early 1970's, it was looking a little dated. 

Most of our clients were business travelers from IBM or SRI. Or they were visiting scientists doing research at Stanford University.  The FBI would drop in periodically to search the rooms belonging to scientists from the USSR. 

The problem was, the only form of entertainment available was an AM radio. There wasn't much on AM radio, and I was way too cool to listen to Top 40, so instead I started listening to country music. 

I fell in love with it. The stories, the romance, the heartbreak!  It seemed so grown up!  You didn't dump your boyfriend or girlfriend--you "let them go."  A woman cheating on her husband: was she a tramp? (or worse).  No, she was a "borrowed angel." As Emmylou Harris sang, "If tonight you'll be my tall, dark stranger, I'll be your San Antonio Rose."  Passion! Tenderness! Sorrow. I wanted to be part of that world. 

When I heard of a radio station in Gilroy, California that was playing country music using a progressive rock format, I drove to the station, introduced myself to the owner, and talked him into giving me a job. Hooray! I was a country disc jockey. 

I had no idea that KFAT would become well-known, or that it would be such an important part of my life. And I didn't know that someday, what Steve Fromholz laughingly called "the progressive country scare of the 1970's," would be known as Americana music. 

From KFAT I went on to other stations, most notably KNEW and KSAN in San Francisco, where I was on the air weekends with a free-format, roots music based show called "All Kinds of Country." The turn of the millennium brought internet radio, and I was hired to program country-related internet stations on  

And now I have a website. I may be the last person in the San Francisco Bay Area to have a website!  I'll be posting information about upcoming shows, new CDs, my upcoming shows on KKUP-FM in Cupertino, and other odds and ends. I'll also be editing and posting air checks of my shows. 

Hope you like it. Drop me a line. 


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